Hi! We’re Chris and Lindsay and we’re passionate about RV living. Since 2018 we have been living full-time in our truck camper as we have traveled over 50,000 miles throughout North America.

What started as an adventure to drive from Florida to Alaska turned into a lifestyle that we have grown to love and that is now an inseparable part of our identity.

While we didn’t have a clue what we were doing when we started our journey, mile after mile, state after state, country after country taught us how to live on the road.

And now that we’ve built up years of experience RVing North America we thought it was time to share what we have learned and what we continue to learn as we remain committed to RV life on the road!

About RV North America

On RV North America you will find information to help you at any level in your RV journey.

Whether you are interested in getting your toes wet by renting an RV for a long weekend or vacation, are looking to buy your first RV or are simply looking for inspiration or information on how to transform your RV into your tiny home on wheels – we’ve got you covered.

Some key topics we thought you might like to explore on your first visit:

  • Is “RV Life” for me?
  • How do I decide which RV is right for me?
  • How affordable is full-time RV life on the road?
  • What are the most important things to know about my RV?
  • What RV essentials must I have before heading out on the road?

You will also find all sorts of information, recommendations and reviews to help you take your RVing to the next level.

Our goal is to help you FIND YOUR FREEDOM ON THE ROAD!