Full Time RVing

So you’ve made the decision to transition into full-time RVing. That’s awesome! Becoming a full-time RVer is a decision that separates you from most other people.

Opting for life on the road – with both its challenges and its rewards – takes a certain kind of person. And if you’re reading this now, clearly you’re ready to make that decision. 

We committed to RVing full time in 2018 with no idea about how to RV at all! We skipped the beginning steps and had not even camped once in our RV before we hit the road for what we planned would be a multi-year journey crossing North and South America.

But as we all know about life, things changed and we found that full-time RVing is more a lifestyle than an activity to be accomplished. 

In over 3 years of criss-crossing the North American continent we have since learned so much about what it takes to live in an RV.

We’re excited to share what we’ve learned and to welcome you into an awesome community of people who love the road as much as we do! 

There are many aspects to consider when making the transition into full-time RVing. And there are a lot more details you need to consider than you might imagine. From little things like receiving mail and voting in elections to the bigger ones like determining which RV is right for you and setting a budget, the devil is in the details. 

That said, let’s get into helping you discover the answers to questions you have (or may not know you have!) about living in an RV. 


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